Little Samson Models

Burrell Gold Medal


Gear cut at Little Samson Models C’shaft pinion low, C’shaft pinion itermediate,C’shaft linion high, 2nd shaft low,2nd shaft indermediate, 2nd shaft high,Total: £216 at 5DP (90p a tooth)

Gear cut at Little Samson Models Final drive pinions (pair) Total: £48 at 4DP (1.40p a tooth)

Gear cut at Bailey Steam Final drive gear rings (pair)Total: £200 at 4DP (1.40p a tooth, no VAT but you collect/deliver)

Machine cut differential bevels and pinions £325

Machine cut steering worm and worm wheel £86.

Machine cut feed pump gears (SG pinion & CI gear) (pair) £72.

The contact email address for final drive gear cutting is: Colin's web site is Bailey Steam Services: and has several pictures of his gear cutting machinery. Colin has considerable experiance gear cutting for 6" scale engines.

Also try: Turner Gears Wolverhampton Tel: 01902 427617 for final drive gear cutting. Recommended by a Little Samsn builder as being very

Differential bevels and steering worms and wheels are stock items. The three speed gears and final drive pinions may be gear cut from your machined castings. Gear cutting on the final drive rings by arrangement with Bailey steam Services.

I understan Colin may also put the splines on the crankshaft and into the change speed gears - but I do not have a price just yet.

    Stack of GMT gears cut at Little Samson Models

    Cutting the 65T slow speed gear ring

    3 speed gears assembled on model (Julia Old)

    3 speed gears assembled on model (Julia Old)

    Cut out on third speed gear hub to enable easy dis-assemblyl (Julia Old)

    Cutting slines on crankshaft (Julia Old)

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