Little Samson Boiler Fittings

Bruce Rice trading as R A Barker sells a wide range of steam fittings including mechanical lubricators, water gauges, and pressure gauges. Mobile 07980855510. Home. 01245466742.

Robert Barker trading as Miniature Steam Fittings offers a bespoke maching service for your GMT or Devonshire boiler fittings. Robert has so far machined boiler clack valves, blowdowns, drain cocks, globe valves and pressure gauge isolation valves for GMT and Devonshire engines. The range coninues to expand.

In all cases please make contact directly with the gentlmen invoved.

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Devonshire/RL Blowdown & Gland 'Miniature Steam Fittings' taper cocks 'Miniature Steam Fittings' GMT bent nose





'Miniature Steam Fittings' GMT cyliner drains

'Miniature Steam Fittings' GMT in line

Burrell cylinder drain cock bodies,
all Burrell models




'Miniature Steam Fittings' boiler clack
'Miniature Steam Fittings' boiler clack

'Miniature Steam Fittings' Devonshire or
GMT pressure gauge isolater valve

Lost wax handwheels, all models


Lost wax wheels oilers, GMT and Devonshire

Devonshire/Road Locomotive
water lifter halves & elbow.

Burrell style oilers with screw cap
6" GMT, Devonshire and RL
Four different sizes.
( Also suitable for 6" Savage if desired)

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