Little Samson Models

Copies of works drawings

It is important to appreciate that the works drawings listed below are copies of drawings which were made in 1908. Customers might prefer to buy one only to gauge the print quality first. They are white lines on black. Digital reversing was tried but line degradation made them very hard to follow. Most sheets are 36" by 28". Postage extra at cost.

1 sheet £3.50, up to 5 sheets £3.25 each, over 5 sheets £3.00 each.

    1 General arrangement
    2 Arrangement of gearing
    3 Boile
    4 Back wheels riveted and straked
    5 Back wheels wood block and front wheels
    6 Crankshaft and axles
    7 Bearings and brackets
    8 Back axle spring gear
    9 Cylinder block
    10 Trunk guide
    11 Reversing gear

    12 Connecting rod and crosshead
    13 Regulator
    14 Driverís seat and flywheel
    15 Feed water heater
    16 Brake gear
    17 Driverís cab
    18 Front fork and spring
    19 Steering gear
    20 Steam manifold
    21 Reversing lever
    22 Change speed levers


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