Universal Carrier Boiler information

The Universal Carrier may be built with a choice of three different boilers. A locomotive boiler designed in either steel or copper, a vertical boiler in steel, or a water tube boiler in copper. Please email for further details.

The locomotive boiler has a 7" diameter barrel and is 18.125" long including the smokebox which is integral.

The vertical boiler is 8" in diameter and 13.625" tall from foundation ring to the top plate.

The water tube boiler is in copper and silver soldered. The main drum is 3.5" in diameter, the steam drum is 1.75" in diameter and the bottom drun 2". The length is 8.75".

The pictures below start with the steel locomotive boiler and the steel vertical boiler. Both boilers are fully certified and were built by Bell boilers for Little Samson Customers. Steel boiler pictures courtesy Bell boilers. The water tube boiler pictures courtesy of John Abbatt who is building one of the wagons.

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3" scale loco boiler. Note side firing. Loco backhead

Loco boiler in chassis


 Firebox and barrell

 Fiebox cross tubes


Vertical boiler installed


Water tubes
Completed water tube boiler


The steel boilers were made by Bell Boilers. Little Samson Models do not make boilers but know people who do.

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