Little Samson Models

3" scale gears for Universal Carrier

    Steel gears

    These gears may be sourced from HPC gears ( and the prices below are their standard catalogue price with the VAT added. Prices correct as of HPC's prices 2006. The HPC catalogue numbers are listed on the drawings. THEY ARE NOT AVAILABLE DIRECT FROM LITTLE SAMSON MODELS.

    Crankshaft drive gears 45.93 pair
    Two speed gears (fast) 46.60 pair
    Two speed gears (slow) 47.93 pair
    Differential bevels & pinions 93.64 set of four
    Brake bevels 32.96 pair
    Steering bevels 32.96 pair

    Alternatively the crankshaft and the two speed gears may be gear cut from your machined blanks. All six gears (crankshaft drive gears, two speed gears: fast, two speed gears: slow) all gear cut for £75.

    Sprockets and chains
    Chain sprockets (large) 108.50 pair
    Chain sprockets (small) 28.00 pair
    Chain & connecting link 38.00

    Note: It is possible to use bicycle chain and sprockets for the Universal carrier, it is however of a lighter section and construction - but would certainly be strong enough.

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