Little Samson Boiler information

The Little Samson boiler drawings are insurance certified, the insurance stamp is reproduced on the boiler drawing. Boilers are designed in steel but could, of course, with the relevant saftety inspections be made in copper.

The 3" scale boiler has a 6" diameter barrell. The 4" scale boiler has an 8" diameter barrell and the 6" boiler a 12" barrell.

Boilers are not available directly from Little Samson Models.

The main supplier is Tony Baldwin of AJB Engineering (01773 570805).

All the boilers supplied by AJB Engineering are complete with the relevant EEC documentation.

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3" scale boiler: 4" scale boiler: Selection of AJB Boilers







6" scale boiler: AJB Engineering

6" scale boiler: AJB Engineering

6" scale LS boilers: AJB


6" LS boiler: AJB

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