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Gear cutting

Little Samson offers complete sets of machine cut road gears in 3" and 4" scale.

Differential gears in 3" and 4" scale are offered with the choice of either precision lost wax steel castings or in cast iron with sand-cast teeth. The tooling for the waxes was made using the last sets of gear cut differentials, the gear cutting option having become prohibitively expensive.

In 6" scale the gear cutting is not available as it is beyond our gear cuttingcapacity. The differential gears are only available with 'as cast' teeth, however due to the large tooth size, however little fettling is needed.

All cut gears, including differentials, are a stock items.

    4" Pinions cut by Little Samson Models


    4" Gear rings cut by
    Little Samson Models

    3" and 4" lost wax steel differentials


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lists for 4" scale model

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Gold Medal Tractor gears ready for customer


Gear Cutting at Little Samson Models