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Site last updated 18 July 2020

Having retired from my full time teaching career in 2017 I had envisaged that I would continue running Little Samson Models as part of my retirement plan but I have now decided the time is right to sell Little Samson Models.  Much as I enjoy running it I have not found the time I envisaged to spend on my own model engineering projects and I am looking forward to focusing on that.

I have very much enjoyed the past 28 years researching engine designs, pattern making, and arranging for castings and materials to be available through my website.  I would like to thank all of my customers, many of whom have helped, advised, and encouraged me in my endeavours. You have become good friends and I will look forward to keeping in contact with you.

The Savage Little Samson designs, together with the Savage steam lorry, have been transferred to Steam Traction World (STW.)  STW are going to continue offering castings and materials in the same way as I used to, but additionally, potential builders may purchase individual items such as a fully machined cylinder, a boiler, or machined and vulcanised road wheels.  For those without workshop machinery, the Little Samson will be available in kit form, in exactly the same way as STW’s current range.  Visit for further details.

The Burrell Devonshire, the Burrell 5HP Road Locomotive, and the Burrell Gold Medal Tractor designs have been transferred to Adrian Nutting at A N Engineering, email Adrian is a very clever engineer and will be a familiar name to many of my customers as he has machined numerous cylinders, cranks, and other items for my range of models.  He is presently in the final stages of completing a 5HP Road Locomotive for one of his own customers and is fully conversant with all matters Burrell.

My website will remain open for as long as it proves useful.  In due course, most of the Little Samson and Steam Lorry content will move to STW.  However, the Burrell designs, now with A N Engineering, are likely to remain on my website until Adrian has made his own arrangements.  I will be continuing to answer emails

This has not been an easy decision but I am delighted that all the designs have gone to such good homes where all my existing customers needs can still be met or even improved with machined castings options.  I wish Steam Traction World and Adrian Nutting every good fortune in their new ventures.

The stock is in the process of being moved across to the new owners. The prices on this site have become guide prices, to be confirmed by the new owners.


LITTLE SAMSON: 3", 4" and 6" scale






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Dave Milway, a 3" scale Little Samson builder has an excellent and comprehensive selection of views and graphics of the Little Samson design on his site:

Scale Nuts & bolts available from :

3D Road Loco CAD model thanks to Josh Menear

Manzel Lubricator

Drawings for the Manzel £5.50
(Picture reflects the drawings but design was adapted by builder to aid assembly)

6" Burrell Governor

Drawings for the Governor £5. 50
Casting for governor £38